Secret Listbuilding Techniques To Explode Your List

I have something very special for you here today. This strategy is a real think outside the box Listbuilding techniques. It will give you the opportunity to mix it up wit people with lists much larger that your own.

Lets get into it.

This method is based around using a zip file to give away you ebook, video etc.. instead of using a direct link to the free gift. When doing this I add my ebook and also a html file redirecting to a Joint Ventures squeeze page. I will explain why I do this for JV’s later.

Creating the redirect files is pretty simple. Copy the following into notepad on your PC

Click Here to get the code

As you can see that it says PRODUCT NAME in two places you put the name of the product here inside the inverted comma’s e.g. 1000 PLR Articles or Listbuilding ebook or whatever the offer is.

You will also see where you have to put in the URL that you partner gives you where it says PUT YOUR AFFILIATE URL HERE also inside the inverted comma’s.

When you have this done go to

pick the folder that you want to save it to
then name your file something like
after that go below where it says
and select
Then hit save and that is your html file ready to go.

Ok, so once you have the file with the redirect made it’s time to get extra traffic from your partners and JV’s

Method 1 – I’m able to ad swap with people who send more clicks than I usually would. Let’s say I could only send 50 clicks in an email. Only sending to my email list limits my swaps to those that can send 50 clicks.

Adding these extra links in your download file allows you to send more clicks. Nearly everyone that subscribes to your list that day will click that BONUS link in the zip folder.

I’m using about 6 different methods to build my lists. Adding these html redirects adds an extra 100 clicks per day to my adswaps because of every list building method I utilize. What used to be a 50 click swap can now be a 150 click swap.

This next method is the real cream of getting big list owners to give you solo ads for free.

This method is called Banking Clicks.

Method 2 – Banking Clicks… I have a deal arranged to bank clicks. This means I can continually send a venture partner clicks until I hit a certain limit. Once that limit is reached, they will repay the favor and send a solo for the same amount of clicks.

Adding these zip file links causes my clicks to reach the limit
very quickly. Every week, I get at leased one 500 click solo ads because of my click banking arrangements thus far. With an optin rate of 50% thats and extra 250 subscribers per week without any extra effort on my part.

Pretty cool.

Finding people to bank clicks.

There are two main places I use to find people with big lists that is the Warrior Forum and I simply send them an email telling them what I’m doing and if they would be interested in participating with me. Most people are pretty open to this as you are sending them the traffic first and it is quality traffic that has opted into your list.

Ok thats it for now go TAKE ACTION you can be getting quality solo ads from massive list owner for free very soon if you contact them and get this set up.

If you don’t have a list and want to start fast you can download my free ebook “How To Get Your First 500 Leads In 30 Days For Free” by clicking here

Leave you comments below good or bad and what you think of this strategy.

eBusiness Automation and Adswap Hell

Lazy Blogger

It’s been sooooo long since I posted on my blog.
I am a very lazy blogger. I am changing my whole business provider at the minute and it is turning out great but it won’t be all completed until next week.

What I am doing is putting all my essentials into one easy to use place. I was going to opt for infusionsoft which is probably the best their is but their is an alternative (and not as pricy) it is called eBusiness Automation Center

Let me let you in on some of the outstanding features that come from this system.

Autoresponder and Newsletter manager

Affiliates manager

Products & Customer manager

Customer support manager

Membership websites manager

Ad tracking system

PDF ebook generator & brander

Sub-user manager

Digital download protection system

You can check all the features here eBusiness Automation Center.

I have checked email delivery rates for the system and it is the same if not better than aweber.
This was the most important aspect of my business as my business is based around email marketing.

Pricing is such a big part my eBusiness as is quality. So lets look at what each of these services will and there costs.

Aweber cost me at the minute because of the size of my list $49 per month

Hosting costs $10 per month

Membership site script will cost you around $97

Help Desk Software will cost $29 per month

Affiliate manager software $199

Ad Tracking Software $20 per month

PDf generator and brander $30

Thats an overall cost of $296 one time and $108 per month with eBusiness Automation Center prices start at $29.99 per month.
There is also a 30 day trail so that you can test the system for under $5.

Just before I finish up here I want to let you know about alot of scamming that is going on in the adswap seen at the minute and just to give you some advice and a solution on the subject.

adswap scammers

BEWARE of the Warrior Forum when looking for adswap partners. To date I have been plagued by guys setting up adswaps with me and not mailing my offer after I have mailed theirs. Disgusting people I’m sure you will agree. I am even considering putting a page on my blog here naming and shaming.

So what is the solution to this problem?

Safe-Swaps a website that tracks the swaps you do and also lets you rate your swap partners so that if someone doesn’t send for you everyone else sees that they are not sending swipes and you can steer clear of them.
You can also buy solo ads and sell solo ads on the site. I have purchased solo ads of people over there and the traffic is super targeted. This is the only place I will be getting partners from now on.

I will be updating my blog more often from now on with as much helpful tips as possible.

Leave your comments below or experiences you have had with either adswaps, other ways to save money in your business or just to say Hi

Also if you would like me to do a post about a particular marketing strategy that you are trying to implement into your business let me know and I will post here about it.

Traffic Exchanges Don’t Work Do They?

I have been trying out alot of new marketing strategies lately. As you probably know I use listbuilders and safelists on a regular basis to build my optin list along with adswaps and giveaways.

I have added a few other strategies to the fold now. It’s a little more work but no one said making a living on the internet was going to be easy right. So I am now starting to concentrate on, along with the strategies above, video, articles and traffic exchanges.

Video Marketing

I have started to put up videos on youtube but will be starting to use trafficgyser for my video marketing very soon. This will get my videos out to alot more sites in now time at all. I have also started to use a tool that I got for free but is going on sale very soon for around $500 called Tubefool. Tubefool sends out friend requests to people on youtube and it just works in the background while you get on with your other work. You can also share videos with it and get comments on your channel. Very cool and I highly recommend it. From using it alone I have had massive traffic to my youtube channel which is still very young.

Article Marketing

I am not a great content writer by any means so I decided to outsource this part of my marketing. I also needed to outsource because time is another factor in letting me get stuff done. I found a guy on the warrior forum who writes excellent articles for a very reasonable fee.

Traffic Exchanges

Alot of people will tell you that traffic exchanges don’t work but I think that has more to do with not knowing how to use them properly. I have put together a little video on how to use traffic exchange so go ahead and watch how I put between 10 and 20 subscriber on my list per day with traffic exchanges.

Join Traffic Hoopla Here

I hope you enjoyed the video and as always leave your comments below.

Until next time

What Does Every Successful Marketer Follow

A Plan

This may seem obvious to some people running any type of offline business, and yet people who decide they want to have an online business to earn some extra money often neglect this extremely important first step!
And can you blame them? Most new would be marketers and online entrepreneurs start out with what seems a simple search of ‘make money online’. They are then presented with 430,000,000 websites!
Can you imagine the confusion that already begins to reign as they click and click on so many sites?
What’s more with so many sites all crying out for attention of the new marketer, they all try to make it sound so easy and simple, at least that’s what I’ve found, and I’m sure
you’ve seen the same if you’ve gone down that route.

It makes the old saying ring true that “It’s a mine field out there!”

I don’t know if this has happened to you yet, but usually at this stage many will fall for the hyped up over priced ‘get rich quick schemes’ designed purely to extract maximum cash for the site owner from your wallet. They buy into the promises of overnight success, the pay us your money and do nothing pitch, and then can’t understand why nothing is coming their way as promised.

If they are lucky they wont fall for it too many more times (but from experience of talking to many newbies – they usually do)…. Until eventually they realise there is no overnight do nothing short cut.

That’s when most will either leave the internet completely, or start to look for serious help.

What stage are you at now?

Where ever people end up looking for help, at some point they begin to discover that there are people on the net earning real incomes, both part time and full time incomes.

The next move is usually to ‘have a dabble’ and try to find their way on their own, without listening to the false promises, but wandering around all over the place without focus.

If they’re lucky, they’ll make a few dollars every once in a while, always swapping and changing direction to what seems the next big thing, in the hope that ‘this will be it for them’!

let me ask you a question….

If you’re driving to your local shops – do you jump in the car and just follow whichever car is in front of you? Even if it’s heading in a different direction?

I know – silly question, of course you don’t.

You know exactly where you want to go and you already have a route planned in your mind before you even jump in the car!

What’s more, I’m sure you also have alternate routes available to you should anything interfere with your normal route?

Why – because you have planned the route, you know where you need to get to, and where you’re starting from, you’ve done the journey before so the ‘plan’ is already in your mind.

Lets look at this in business context.

Do you think any of the worlds successful business men and women just decide to start a new business and then set off? spending money advertising, gearing up to sell one product then thinking they’ll change to another because it looked a better idea one night, 3 weeks later doing something completely different.

Of course you don’t, and hey you’re smart enough to know that they would research and plan everything they do!

Well a business on the internet is no different than any other business. And I can tell you right now that the one of the most important Keys that Every Successful Marketer Follows is to PLAN what they are going to do and how they are going to go about it.

When you plan a journey that is unfamiliar to you, you would be advised to consult a map, or ask directions of someone who’s been there before. That would make sense wouldn’t it?

So if you’d like some help in planning how you’re going to build your internet income wouldn’t it make sense to ask for directions or follow someone who’s been there before. Someone who is already at where you want to arrive?

To sum up.

Make A Plan.

Get a map from someone who knows the route or follow someone who can lead you where you want to be. Decide where you want to go and make your plan with any help you can get.

Do you remember the saying….

If You’re Failing to Plan – Your Planning to Fail

Don’t Fail to Plan.

Basic Factors Of Online Business Success For 2011

A lot of people have tried to make money in 2010 and have blamed others for their failure. It is very easy to blame others for your failure when things don’t go the way you want them and this is what seperates failure from success. Getting on the right direction in 2011 is the key message of this blog post so that the mistakes made in 2010 are not made again. Below are four key points to success in 2011.

To succeed in 2011 get to work. Yes, thats right get to work. You now realize that push button riches just isn’t true and that hard work is the only way to make your online business a success. You do not make money checking emails, surfing and talking on facebook or watching youtube videos. Start by planning your business and making an actionable plan then get to work on implementing that plan.

Stop buying every new product that comes out. Thats right, stop buying all the new latest and greatest products that promise lots of money for next to no work. We’ve all seen the products that tell you that you can make $5000 dollars in 7 days. Do you really believe this rubbish? I mean come on wouldn’t everyone be doing it if it where that simple. The sooner you realize these products are hyped up sales pages to get money from you the sooner you will stop buying these products and start concentrating on building your own business.

Start generating useful content for others. The internet is full of bad content created by programs and article spinners that is almost impossible to read or make sense off. Who wants to read the same old crap over and over plus in some cases the content is totally unreadable. Definitely not me. The best content that anyone can create is original content that you create yourself, a computer program doesn’t know whats on your mind. The content you produce leaves a trail back to you so you don’t want any old content out there with your name on it. Starting writing can be a bit daunting so the best way to start is to create a blog and start to write about you and what you are doing to build an online business. Let people know what works for you, what pitfalls they should avoid etc.. This will get you used to creating original content.

Start creating your own information products. The internet is the information super highway, people want new and up to date information on a daily basis. Provide information that people want and you will see success in 2011. If you don’t think that you can create your very own product or if you just don’t know where to start find a mentor. This was the big turning point in my own business. Mentors are great in the fact that you can make yourself accountable to them. They can show you the best path to success and stop you from making mistakes in the early days. Your mentor will also get you back on track when you stray. When you are looking for a mentor be sure to research them first. Go to google and put in their name, check out some reviews of their products. Another thing you should do is contact their support desk to make sure they will provide the support you need. A genuine mentor who has your interests in mind will be very approachable. How can they help you succeed if they cannot be approached. Mentors are not cheap but just look at how much you spent on information products in the past. It will probably be a very wise investment.

Always remember this, building a successful online business isn’t easy, there are no quick riches or push button solutions. The sooner you realize that the sooner you will become successful.

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