Hey Guys,

I have been very busy this last week driving traffic. and
also the unemployment people in Ireland decided to send
me on a word processing course for the next 26 weeks 8.30
to 5 each day.

Now as part of the competition I have to tell people what I
have been doing to drive traffic to my site.

Well I have been doing alot of high traffic blogs,
oil rig hopping and I have been pretty active in warrior
forum and a few others. I’m also in the process of writing 5
articles and getting a squidoo lens up and running. That is
basically how I’m driving traffic.

I have also got a script for my video but my camera has gone
missing “weird”. My girlfriend and daughter are away for a night
or two so I have to wait till she gets back tomorrow to get my
video recorded.

“Terri knows where everything is in the house.”

So let us push on.

As I was saying earlier I have been doing a lot of oil rig
hopping and checking out alot of different blogs. One thing
that I noticed is that there are alot of blogs with uncatagorized
catagories in them. This is not good for the SEO of your blog as
it doesn’t give the search engines a topic to put your post

The basic formula is

Domain + Catagory + Post Title = SEO magic

Your domain can be as broad as your like in the niche
you are in.

The catagories on your blog should be more focused
so that the search engine knows more specifically what
your content is about. Anything between 7 – 12 catagories
is ok.

Your Post Title should be the long tail keyword that you
have choosen for your post anything from 5 -7 words is

Use google adwords keywords tool to find your keywords.

Each post that you publish on your blog should be pinged.
Pinging basically tells the search engines that there is
a new post on your blog or website.

Here is a list of ping site that I use wordpress will ping
automatically for you so all you have to do is put the list
in your blog dashboard.

Login to wordpress

On the left hand side click on Settings.

When settings opens up click on Writing.

At the bottom of the page there is a heading Update Services
this is where you want to put your pinglist.

There are some ping sites already there but this is a more
substanial list. This list also includes that list that is there


On a lighter note check out this video This is hilarious.

Hope you enjoyed the video


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