Hey gang,

There is a lot of focus at the minute on video marketing
and why wouldn’t there be you see video marketing can
explode your business. Increases in sales and optins
of up to 400% are extremely possible if the video marketing
strategy is used properly.

What I want to line out for you here today is some basic
things that you need to do in order for number 1 getting
people to click your link and number 2 getting your
video ranked.

Well first we want to look at the seven factors that
you should have in your video presentation. This stuff
was taught to me by none other than Maria Andros (The
video marketing queen).

The Seven Step Video Formula for Success

1. Welcome
2. Establish your credibility as an expert and leader
3. Create a hook
4. Share your personal background and story
5. Paint the problem
6. Provide a solution
7. Call to Action

These are the seven items that you should have in
your video. Now we can get into a bit more detail on these.

1. When you are doing your welcome message make sure to
treat the view as if they where one of your best friends.
This is basically loosen up talk to the camera.

2. When establishing your credibility make sure you tell
the viewer why they should listen to you. They don’t know
you so give them a reason for them to think that you know
what you are talking about.

3. Creating a hook e.g. a tip or strategy. This will get
them interested in what you are talking about.

4. When sharing your personal background you are trying to
get some rapport with them and they will see you as someone
they like and trust. People do business with people that they
like so this is a big factor in how successful your video
will be.

5. Painting the problem this is where you create the problem
that you are going to give them a solution to plus it
will be something that your product or service will eliminate.

6. The solution is your solution to the problem you just
painted and always remember the solution is going to be your
product or service.

7. The call to action. This is where you tell the viewer what you
want them to do next for example go to the link under the video.
Ask them to leave a comment.

Getting all these factors into you video presentation will get
clicks to your blog or offer.

When posting your video to the web there are a number of things
you need to be aware of first thing should be your title. This
should be something creative usually a “how to” is a good start
but you also need to do some keyword research. Look for
keywords that have under 500,000 competitive sites.

When you are uploading your video make sure that you have
your keywords in your title, description and tags. One to two
times in your title, two or more in the description and have
them in the tags as well.

A great tool for getting your video out all over the net is
Traffic Geyser. This tool is great as it will post your video
to all the top video sites plus it will bookmark you video
as well.

This post has gone on much longer than I wanted but there
are a lot of factors to take into account when you want
to get the most out of your video.

Until next time

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