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I have been studying getting domain names for your site or blog and I have come accross some unbelieveable and invaluable information about choosing your domain names.

As you know getting the domain name for your site or blog that you want and getting it in .com is almost impossible nowadays.  Fastforward to what I learned the other day from my friend Jodi Hans.

There are 5 little words that google doesn’t pick up on when their spiders are crawling the millions of sites online. Now if you pick your keywords and squeeze any of these words into them then you have a domain name that is highly optimized for page one. They are as follows

1 with

2 the

3 and

4 for

5 by

If you fit one or two even three of these words into your domain name then your domain will have the keywords that your are targeting only. In googles eyes these are not recognised so you can have as many of them in there as you want.

This was just a quick post to let you know about this highly guarded guru secret.

Hope you have fun getting that .com domain and keywords in it that you have been looking for.

Until Next Time

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