Forums seem to be pretty much my main source
of traffic at the minute. They are as you say
instant traffic but as the posts in the
forums are not deleted then it is evergreen also.

Now what I can see is that it is pretty much
like blog hopping but in blog hopping you need
to stay, will we say nice to the writer of the
blog, otherwise you don’t get your comment approved
and that link juice that we all crave.

No there are differences but the evergreen factor
is there in both.

When you use forums for marketing you need to keep
active in them and also you need to be giving alot
of value in your posts for people to listen to you.
Things like “I agree with that” or “Great Post”
doesn’t give you much respect when it comes to these

So you can post to forums all day but if you don’t
give value, well you are wasting your time really.
Most people know that you can’t promote in forum,
and when I say most people I have seen blatent
advertising in them which does nothing except get
you ignored or worse still get you banned.

Your signature at the bottom of your post is the only
way to get people to your website and there are different
rules for what you can do in them in different forums. I
learned a great way to boost your traffic from these
sig files the other night when I was listening to a
call Alex Jeffreys done with Andrew Fox who is from
northern Ireland which took me by suprise.

This is what these two big earner where saying.
Use a signature that will draw attention pick a
product that is in everyones inbox at the moment and say
something like

Why Im not buying (product name)click here
Hey (product name) does it really work
what’s the best bonus to buy

I have been testing these out an wham the traffic
has almost doubled.

The Warrior Forum is probably the most well know of
them all and is very active on a 24 hours bases but
you can find hundreds if not thousands of forums in every
niche you want just by doing a search on google.

So get into these forums they are great for building
relationships and traffic that is what we need in this

To finish off here I want to tell you that I have something
big coming well it’s big in my eyes and will be giving
you more information on it early next week so call
back and I let you know more then.

Leave a comment and have a guess what I will be doing
excitment excitment

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