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Are you looking forward to marketing solutions?

Are you looking forward to growing your online business or website? If your answer to these questions is yes, I can help you out. There are a lot of marketing solutions offering services across the web.

All of them promise many things, and most of them complete them too. However, all of them have many different features, and their pricing varies. Also, there is an incredibly massive number of options to choose from.

Hence, it becomes harder and harder to choose the ideal services for you and your business. For this point, my website comes into play.

We know how fast the internet is growing. Every day we see thousands of more websites, tools, software, and services added.

They are competing against each other to make their website look their best. The primary reason behind such a vast competition is that many people owning the websites solely earn from these websites only and nothing else.

They have made their online business their primary source of income, and hence they are ready to invest as much time and money in them as they can.

Also, every day, the business is growing, and people are earning more and more. The more internet users, the better is the marketing in online websites.

Also, the internet has been drastically increased, especially in populous countries like China and India, after the drastically lowering of data rates and after the COVID pandemic began.

This is probably the best time one can set his or her business, as the more you delay, the lesser you earn.

Most people have realized this fact and are trying their best and investing the most of their time and money in their online businesses expecting their businesses to show drastic improvement in a few years. Many can see the improvement already.

About the website – Marketing Online With You 

Many companies on the internet today claim to offer various services. However, any business has specific needs. There are certain businesses for which you do not need certain features offered by a company.

In such a scenario, it is meaningless to pay for those features. Similarly, there are times when you need a few features in abundance.

Most companies would not negotiate with you regarding any of the features until or unless you are using their services for several years or are an enterprise.

So, in such a scenario, you would need to find the perfect services for you that will be as close as possible to your needs to get exactly what you need, and you don’t have to pay anything extra for the features you do not even need.

To know the purpose of this website, you must know how I ended up being the author of this website.

I am a software engineer by profession, and I worked in one of the companies that offer these marketing solutions.

I worked for them for a very long time, and during my years of service there, I got a lot to know how their system works and especially how they trick and fool their customers into buying their services.

I hated these tactics and never liked the company’s methods to fool customers. At that time, I had no option. I was lucky to be in the developer section; the marketing department handles everything about how to fool the customers. Even though I didn’t like working for the company, I had to because that was the only income source.

A few years later, the company got shut down. I was jobless. I thought I was offered many jobs, but I wanted to remain in my city, and I thought this could be the perfect time for me to take a break.

So, I went on a solo trip hiking. It was an 8-day trek, and I loved it. Somehow, there was the time I got the idea of working on my website. I researched more about other such services like the company I worked in.

I almost had a friend in every such company ready to share their tactics with me as a friend. I never told them I am somehow going to use it on my website, and unknowingly, I knew exactly how other companies used to fool their customers.

I listed out everything and realized, not all companies are fooling their customers. Many are working genuinely, but they are just not getting recognized. That is where I decided to write reviews on websites.

My website today offers detailed reviews of the major companies and services in the marketing sector, some of their best alternatives in case you need them and it also has comparisons, so if you narrow your search down to a few companies, using these comparisons, you can decide one company or service that is ideal for you.

About the Author – Timothy Maki

Timothy Maki is the author of this website. He has a degree of B. Tech in software engineering and has worked for 4 years in a private firm. Apart from writing on this website, he spends most of his time with his family.

The author is also very interested in hiking and mountaineering, and he is a trained mountaineer. However, he has left mountaineering now, but he still goes on various trekking trips every year.